Christian Scott: where Jazz meets Hip Hop meets Trap

Hi everyone!

My name is Sophie Malon and I have recently graduated from Arts and Culture at Maastricht University. I have specialized in Media Culture and finished a minor in Creative Writing, and am currently doing two internships for event management companies; Kaleido and Jazz Maastricht. These two internships allow me to dive into two very different scenes related to music – Jazz vs. Indie Rock.

I like both genres for various reasons. One is that I can often hear the theme: ‘Politics of Resistance” resonate through the music and they both do so in different ways. I find that Indie Rock expresses this as one feeling; primarily through the lyrics and the layers of tone, however, Jazz expresses this as a fully rounded story and each song has the power to take its listeners on a very powerful journey, igniting many emotions.


Last Monday on November 20th, I was able to attend a concert given by Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah and his band which consists of Shea Pierre on piano and rhodes, Kriss Funn on bass, Joe Dyson on drums, and Logan Richardson on sax. In weeks prior to the concert, I had seen a few promotional texts which compared Christian to Kanye West. Because of these posts I was a bit presumptuous, expecting him to be just as arrogant. I was pleasantly surprised, as it turns out, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah is as sweet as pumpkin pie.


After the opening song, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah took the time to introduce each band member; he told you their names, their accomplishments, how they first met, and a couple of traits that he most admires in them. I found this a lovely gesture. Often, the main artist doesn’t spend much time going into detail when introducing the band. I felt this really showed the audience that the musicians aren’t just extra people on stage – they’re artists too.


To tell you a little bit about the music that they played: Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah has started this new thing in Jazz called ‘Stretch Music’. It’s a new style that stretches the definition of Jazz by incorporating as many musical forms, languages, and cultures as possible. I heard a lot of hip-hop, trap, R&B, funk, pop, native sounds and even, if I may say so, some Indie-Rock in there too.


Before the final song of the evening, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah wanted to share an experience that he had in this country involving the Dutch celebration of Sinterklaas. The speech was deemed controversial by many and several members of the audience decided to leave in the middle. If you’d like to read this speech verbatim, you’re able to find it on the Jazz Maastricht website by following this link:


Overall, I found the concert to be damn cool. It blended organic sounds with electronic and edgy sounds while tackling themes of social and political peril. If you’re looking to discover some new sounds, I’d certainly recommend checking him out on YouTube or Spotify!   


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