Top 10 Rejected ‘Ted’ Talks

by Jonah Garland

10. How to Raid and Dismantle a Home Abortion Clinic
Proposed by: Paul Ryan – Rejected: 7/6/2013

9. Anthrax & You
Proposed by: Bruce Edwards Ivins – Rejected: 9/9/2002

8. I huffed PaiNt fur 3 Year timez and Dis Happens to me
Proposed by: 🙂 — Rejected: 29/8/2014

7. Just Because I Walk Around With an Open Trench Coat With Nothing Under It Doesn’t Mean I Identify as an Exhibitionist/flasher. OK?
Proposed by: Malcom Stephenson Rejected: 12/2/2008

6. Benefits of Child Pornography
Proposed by: Subway – Rejected: 19/4/2015

5. I Used To Hate Nazis but Then I Met The Nazi Puppy
Proposed by: Shawna Milletbread Rejected: Yet to be rejected

4. Amanda Please Take Me Back, I Never Meant to Fuck The Nazi Puppy
Proposed by: Michael O’Hackie Rejected: 5/12/2010

3. Do We Really Like ‘Stranger Things’?
Proposed by: HBO Rejected: 7/10/2017

2. The Science of Nickelback
Proposed by: Chad Kroeger – Rejected: 3/5/2004

1. Straight White Guy Who Had An Idea About Race And Sexuality
Proposed by: Ralph (last name irrelevant) Rejected: 9/8/2017

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