About Skateboarding and flying Bodies

By Alessandro Sirocchi


Analog photography, is there anything more hipster? Yes, analogue photography coupled with skateboarding. The following series of images were taken in Maastricht’s Skateboard Park located in De Griend, on a sunny and warm afternoon of this Autumn. On that day, the skate park was jam-packed with professionals and beginners, who all together formed a fascinating pack of ‘wood-pushers’ immersed in their natural habitat. The group of skateboarders, at first circumspect, soon established I was no threat to their safety. As a wild life’s documentary photojournalist who cautiously approaches a pack of rare creatures, I placed myself in the very centre of the action, where two main ramps provided me the perfect spot for my shootings.

Two friendly and cheerful guys showed me the adversities of such a discipline; they were wearing causal light clothes with no protections, which proved me their lack of concern for possible scratches or injuries. Skateboarding, as I witnessed it, is a terrific sport that does not forgive mistakes: one false move and you find yourself incapacitated to the ground by a stabbing pain coming from one -or many more- body parts. The reward, on the other hand, is spectacular. Once our fellow skaters started the performance, they made it seem so simple and fluid. Flying bodies and skates joined together into a dance of tricks and aerial stunts. The concrete’s ramps were their stage and Maastricht the background of such a spirited atmosphere.

Skateboarding, once considered as a side-culture sport, became more and more popular in the last decades, by bringing together people from different social backgrounds and ages. As a sport, it provides a solid base for both solidarity and individual expression.


Funkadelic chiaroscuro of a flying skater.
Check out this steeze!
Too bad I got abducted by aliens while doing this sick trick!
Raise yo hands, lower yo pants.
The reversed High-five.
While hanging on the upper corner, the skater dared the chemtrails.
F*** this, I’m out.


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