Art @ Van Eyck – An Introduction

by Alison Shea


‘The Jan van Eyck Academie welcomes promising and established artists, designers, photographers, architects, writers, curators, and thinkers. Every applicant shares our belief that insight comes through exchange with others: insight in the meaning of things, in your own practice, in the (art) world.’ (


Most of you probably know the Van Eyck. Its white, modern building is located fairly unmissable opposite the Student Service Center. I had passed it many times and occasionally I had set foot in its entrance hall and cafe-restaurant, where I would have lunch and see some temporarily exhibited art works. Until recently, this was about everything I associated with the academy. Little did I know about any participants, the emerging art, or events such as the upcoming ‘Open Studios’. This however changed when I began my internship at the Van Eyck. As an intern, I am helping out in the administrational office where my tasks include coordinating the arrangements involving the participants. All current participants have been accepted for a residency at the academy and among them are many who stay for up to twelve months. The Van Eyck provides a studio for each participant to work in individually. In addition, they can also make use of several well-equipped labs and a library – which by the way, is open to all regular UM students as well. Through the column ‘Art @ Van Eyck’ I want to introduce to you a couple of the current participants on the Mosaïek blog. Once every two weeks I am therefore going to portray a participant and write about his or her work. I am looking forward to doing so and hope you enjoy following my column.


(The first piece is going to portray Taiwanese, London-based architectural designer Rain Wu)

(Pictures by Alessandro Sirocchi)

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