I’m Not an Illegal Alien

By Clara van den Berg


I’m not an illegal alien
despite your referendum
don’t blame the immigrants,
It makes no sense
we need Europe, not independence.


Because the politician lied, and the people couldn’t see.
money to the NHS but don’t be fooled it’s not for free.
clever Cameron, couldn’t comprehend
a vote so close it was almost 50/50
should we trust democracy,
if there’s going to be,
no financial security?


look at Farage leading them upper class snobs
and don’t blame free trade that you can’t land a girlfriend or a job
and may I draw your attention to,
some overdue,
problems we’ve been going through
when did the basic racists appear?
is it because of fear
we need a scape goat, that’s why Europeans can’t stay here.


but please, forgive my ignorance,
my thoughts of insignificance,
to the people with more common sense,
our votes are of such relevance


the bottom line is it’s the younger generation we should save
by the time we face the other consequences they’ll be comfy in their grave
ur futures were fucked over, and alas it is the same
our voiced were not heard, because we voted remain.

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