Art @ Van Eyck – Andrea Canepa: A New Participant Settles In

by Alison Shea


The tasks of an intern at the Van Eyck include the coordination of arrangements involving participants who have been accepted for a residence at the post-academic art institute. Because of the arrival of new participants the administrational office has had much to do since April. Now is the time that the work period begins for these new participants. This means that artists, designers, writers, curators and thinkers from across the globe move to Maastricht, are assigned a studio and begin their artist-in-residence program at the Van Eyck. The Peruvian artist Andrea Canepa is one of them.


Born and raised in Peru’s large capital Lima, Andrea developed a meaningful awareness of chaos and order. The city’s chaotic aspects have had an impact on her artistic work in the sense that she always searches for applicable patterns to organize. Andrea lived in Lima until she moved to Spain at the age of 23. Before continuing her undergraduate education in Valencia, she attended art school in Lima. She felt that the Peruvian school’s classical approach of teaching art did not come naturally to her and preferred ways in which she could express her creativity more freely. The shifting focus from technique to content in Spain enabled her to develop a personal style in her art.


Feeling that there was not enough artistic input in Valencia at the time, Andrea moved to Berlin to do a Leonardo internship in 2011.  She is now based in Berlin and has done several art residencies from there. Berlin is also the place where Andrea created what she considers her first art pieces. Until today the city remains the place she returns to after every stay abroad, and she will also do so after her residency at the Van Eyck. What Andrea especially likes about participating in such programs is the opportunity to get to know a place and people from the unique perspective of not being a tourist.


In 2017 Andrea was an artist-in-residence in Dessau, Germany where she lived and worked in one of the Bauhaus Master Houses. There she filmed the performance of her latest work Until It Lives in the Muscle. Andrea came up with a set of rules which she assigned to different geometrical shapes, cut out in wood. She then invited performers to dance on these shapes, following the restrictions that correspond to each of the shapes occupied while moving. The work is part of a larger project having to do with the structure of games and rules. One can easily recognize Andrea’s interest in the meaning of order from the way in which she focusses on the normative aspects of games, the rules.


The project Andrea focusses on during her time at the Van Eyck is closely linked to her latest work. She wants to do a sculptural representation of the performance at Bauhaus and is currently working on a concept for ways to incorporate the space of her studio. In this process Andrea finds it helpful to discuss her ideas during studio visits. Studio visits are appointments between participants and people from the art world to discuss the participants’ work. At the Van Eyck Andrea’s studio has been visited by Huib Haye van der Werf, Hans-Christian Dany, Paul Bailey and Roos Gortzak, to whom she explained her ideas and whose feedback she took into account.


Andrea’s residence at the Van Eyck began on April 11th and by now she feels that she has almost settled in entirely. According to Andrea the beginning of such a program can be best compared to starting university. First one has to get used to the new environment and then find one’s place in a new community. This can take time, which is also necessary for developing concepts and ideas. When I ask Andrea about her first impression of being a Van Eyck participant she concludes: “I tried many new things and confronted my work with my peers here. Immediately they started noticing things I wasn’t noticing. I’ve had many new ideas, new ones every day. Actually, I’m very happy.” Personally, I am looking forward to following Andrea’s artistic progress in Maastricht – be it through presentations, exhibitions or talk over lunch at the cafe-restaurant.


Pictures by Alessandro Sirocchi


For further information on Andrea’s work:

For further information on the Van Eyck:

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