Mosaïek is an independent, non profit, student-run association, which focuses on education in the realm of writing and encourages the arts, cultures, and social sciences. The association was founded in 1998 and is rooted in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of Maastricht University, while cooperating with other Faculties like UCM.

The goal is to create a community of collaborative nature for common-interested people.

Mosaïek can be divided into two branches:
The Mosaïek Magazine & The Mosaïek Schrijatelier

The Magazine…
… aims to not only feature articles by our freelance writers, it is our aim to incorporate photography, paintings, drawings, poetry, and any other form of art that tells a story.
The Magazine is linked to our Online Blog, which displays selected pieces of the former.
In the sense of a writing community where we will be focusing on peer review and improving your skills. Besides, getting to read the hopefully thought provoking articles our students offer, we hope to enrich you with further knowledge about writing and editing.
We encourage mainly Dutch and English writing.

The Schrijfatelier…
… is an interactive educational platform. Our aim is to organise and offer creative lectures, workshops, and interactive activities that work centre around themes concerning the arts, cultures, and social sciences.