The Team

Carlotta Terhorst


Meet Carlotta! Lotta is a prime example of an engaged german student, she uses her previously gathered knowledge on event planning and journalistic writing to enrichen Mosaiek. In the future she will focus on the Mosaiek Schrijfatelier, that will host a number of events to encourage creative writing and help participants to develop their skills. Together with Carlotta’s skills nothing will be in its way to boost the creative abilities of Maastricht’s students!


Viola Karsten

Managing Editor

Meet Viola. Born and raised in Hamburg, Viola stayed a bit longer in this beautiful city to work for a german magazine publisher. Now here in Maastricht she is in her second year of Arts and Culture and promotes our Faculty enthusiastically at every Open Day. Viola should have played the viola according to her name but being a little rebel she decided to play the clarinet instead. And I heard she’s incredibly good at it. We can all see her play soon! At Mosaiek Viola is our managing talent: Magazine deadlines? Set. Organising of a Collaboration? Easy! Outline for the blog? Done. But all these tasks do not keep her from writing passionately herself. And sometimes, when she is done for the day she dreams about her next holiday: surfing at the atlantic ocean.



Art Director

Meet Valentin. Valentin has trekked through the walls of FASoS for three years now. The originally German, has ambitions to spend his next semester in Spain indulging in the luxuries of Erasmus. Valentin takes his food combinations as well as his choices in tea very seriously. He always manages to surprise the team with interesting concepts and designs. His sense for detail is admirable. Aside from University, Valentin rolls burritos and puts a lot of time and effort into the study of botany.


Alfie Mardsen-Smedley

Advisory Writer

Meet Alfie. He is new in town as he only recently swapped over from the rainy, tea-drinking country called England. Before entering the historical walls of Maastricht he explored the other side of the globe and travelled to faraway countries such as New Zealand. Sometimes you might think he is drifting into daydreams, but no – he is just coming up with a new poem, with which we can fill the pages of our magazine. Not only does he write himself, he is also supporting our writers and artists with their own work. Therefore, feel free to approach him if you are a (prospective) writer or artist. Always helpful, always searching for some disco tunes, we are happy he made his way to Maastricht.


Milli Ehringhaus

PR & Marketing Director

Meet Milli. Slowly but surely, Milli is becoming one of the Maastricht old-timers. Our German-American energy bundle, has been here for three years, and has supposedly one or two more to come. But this is not due to bad grades, but rather Milli, not like many other students, managed to build up a life here. The multi-tasker works in several different jobs. Not only has she acquired the skill of rolling burritos, she promotes both our Magazine and our beloved faculty. Additionally, a little party never killed no Milli! While keeping her own social media up to date with the latest party pics and funny sessions at her home, she is the perfect caretaker for our social media appearance. However, Milli has been active in the writing realm for many years. From blogging about travel experiences to writing articles for journals and magazines, she provokes with funny articles and a wickedly vivid language.


James Cochrane

Advisory writer

Meet James, one of our dynamite duo of English advisory writers, born and raised in Milton Keynes James is a child of the Utopia, well versed in the good life and roundabouts. When he is not kicking it back taking life one pleasant day at time, you can find James flogging his thoughts in Arts and Culture or working hard toward the gender minor; of which he is a prominent student. Being a firm believer in taking it easy, the clock waits for James as he searches the deepest nethers of his mind palace, fostering his anti-stress vibes and spreading the love throughout the bleak corridors of FASOS; though, this sort of deep thought comes at a price of forgetting to arrive at the odd tutorial or two. Like an overflowing river James is a channel of literary prowess, dispatching commas and semicolons, shooting down those mistakes like some sort of grammatical James Bond. Taking it shaken not stirred, this 007 is one cool linguistic cat, give him a ring, that is, if he hasn’t found you first!



Editor in Chief

Meet Rina. Ideas, ideas, ideas. Rina is our creative energy bundle. Every meeting she comes up with a new idea or introduces a new interesting person she just talked to. She is the heart of Mosaiek. When Rina is not creatively designing hundreds of new stickers for the magazine, she is probably in a meeting for the student rep’s or talking to an artist to get him in for a collaboration. This girl is always on fire. But that’s not all there is to know about Rina. She is passionate about writing and even did a training to become a instructor for creative writing workshops. Besides all that Rina is an enthusiastic cook and impressively she finds the time for it as well. You see, in Rina’s universe everything is possible.


Josephine Brouwer

Vice Editor

Meet Josephine, born and raised in The Hague and our only Dutch board member! Here for three long years as a student of European Studies, you can guarantee she is involved if organisation or pristine editing is required. Pragmatic and engaged, her ability to keep in check the wild sides of our rather eccentric board has been imperative. Don’t be fooled however, Josephine brings twice the enthusiasm and always with a smile. On the occasion Josephine is not experiencing the annals of power as an intern for D66, she is with us helping plan, build and create.